Welcome to The Laundry Place!

The Laundry Place, St. Paul's premier Self Service Laundromat in the Midway neighborhood. Our facility features state of the art Electrolux Washers and Dryers and we offer our customers complimentary WiFi internet access, air conditioning, covered off-street parking, soda & snack vending, and more. We accept cash, coin, credit, & debit payments.

The Laundry Place is a fully attended laundromat, meaning we have staff on site to answer any questions and help you with the machines.

We have two change machines on site that will handle bills up to $20!

Open 7 days a week, 7am - 10pm. Last wash at 8:30pm.

Check out our exclusive specials below and make the most of your visit to The Laundry Place!

Check your laundry card balance here

Do you have a laundry card and want to check your balance? Enter your card number below, typically located on the back of your card.

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Specials & Discounts

Wash Wednesdays

Save on Wash Wednesdays! $0.50 OFF on all washing machines every Wednesday, all day!


Choose Your Payment Method
The Laundry Place offers multiple convenient ways to pay. You can use credit/debit cards or mobile pay directly at any washer or dryer. And if you happen to bring those quarters along, no problem.

The FasCard mobile app makes it easy to start machines right from your phone. You can even get notifications when your washer or dryer is finished with its cycle.

Loyalty = Rewards
Keep the same laundry card for each visit and you will automatically earn points for bonuses and loyal customer benefits! You can even tie your Loyalty Account to the app for the ultimate convenience.

Lost Card? No Problem!
As long as you register your full name with the card number, we can easily issue you a new card and transfer the balance from your lost card. It’s great for peace of mind.


Medium Washers = 1-2 loads
Large Washers = 3-4 loads
XL Washers = 5-6 loads
XXL and Giant Washers = 6-14 loads


Medium Dryers = 1-2 loads
Large Dryers = 3-4 loads
XL Dryers = 5-6 loads

Drop Off Laundry Service

Leave your laundry to us!
Starting at $1.59 per lb for professionally laundered and packaged garments (10 lb. minimum). Laundry can be dropped off every day of the week. Same day pickup, see attendant for details.

Let us know if you have any special instructions for your garments, we'll prepare your laundry to your specifications.

Call us at 651-917-9274 or email [email protected]

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Customer Reviews

  • Very clean, brought a bunch of quarters, but no need the only take credit or debit.

    Evelyn Wegner Avatar Evelyn Wegner

    Had a very welcoming experience here. Attendants were friendly, helpful and polite. They were quick to solve any problems and answer any questions I had. Services are fairly priced and well worth it. Will definitely come again.

    kind soul Avatar kind soul

    Always clean and ready to load washers and dryers

    Lady Wat Avatar Lady Wat

    Great place! Friendly service and good machines, never had any problems!

    Karen Earhart Avatar Karen Earhart
  • Excellent service

    Amii Pangle Avatar Amii Pangle

    This is the friendliest laundry place I've been to here

    Sandra Richardson Avatar Sandra Richardson

    Great place

    Wesley “MOFO” Doan Avatar Wesley “MOFO” Doan

    Love the new machines, great price and staff!!

    amy keenan Avatar amy keenan
  • Very nice, clean place. Would definitely go back again.

    Aaron schwenken Avatar Aaron schwenken

    This is the cleanest car wash around! Well lit for self wash. I recommend the 4 wheel deal to all my friends!! So go get your shine on!!

    Jessica DeRoshia Avatar Jessica DeRoshia

    The place was clean and the attendant was nice. Will definitely be back.

    Barbra Mitchell Avatar Barbra Mitchell

    LOVE LOVE this place, staff is super helpful and friendly!!!

    sabrina davis Avatar sabrina davis
  • I had a pleasant experience here. The attendants were helpful and polite. I like that you can use credit card instead of coins. The attendants were actively cleaning the place while I was there. The machines are appropriately priced and my clothes came out clean.

    Doug Lacy Family Avatar Doug Lacy Family

    It's a good laundromat. Their wash-n-fold service is really good and very reasonably priced. If you want to save time on laundry, look no further.

    Jason “pxmonkee” Cole Avatar Jason “pxmonkee” Cole

    Comfortable seating. Free WiFi. Good pricing.

    Brad Dolsberry Avatar Brad Dolsberry

    Used it for car washing for close to 10 yrs., as they keep the car wash area up..

    Roxanne Parks Garrett Avatar Roxanne Parks Garrett
  • Great staff, very helpful

    Tory Galloway Avatar Tory Galloway

    Most relaxing laundromat I've ever been to. Very reasonable prices and good working machines. Plus! I got to educate myself some more on disc golf and HUGE assortment of disc golf supplies😁. I'll be back!

    Emmett James Avatar Emmett James

    Great place with plenty of washers. Very clean facilities with claw games and snacks to keep the kids busy while doing laundry. Helpful staff as well if there is an issue.

    Logan Kurak Avatar Logan Kurak

    The prices are great and the machines work really well! The people that work there are all very nice also!

    Vanessa Garcia Avatar Vanessa Garcia
  • Good prices & great staff! Awesome selection on discs!!

    amy keenan Avatar amy keenan

    Clean, friendly service. Machines well priced..Quality washer & dryers.

    Lady Bug Avatar Lady Bug

    Best laundromat I've ever been to. Cydie is great. Go there weekly.

    casey welch Avatar casey welch

    I absolutely love this place!!!!! It’s so nice and clean!!!!!!!! It smells nice in the building. The staff is so so just helpful and good !!!!!!!

    Sarah Lunsford Avatar Sarah Lunsford
  • Great Car Wash West Side lived in Post Falls.

    The big O Omaha Avatar The big O Omaha

    Clean and very helpful attendant. She was working so hard the whole time and the place was spotless. For a many people using this laundromat, it's really nice!

    Britney Gardner Avatar Britney Gardner

    I've been a lot of laundromats as a OTR driver this one is pretty awesome well working machines clean environment even a comfortable place to sit watch TV and a really nice laid-back environment they even have a vacuum down at the end of the parking lot or over at the car wash to vacuum the truck out while you're washing the rugs out for the truck real helpful staff a really nice place highly recommended and will use it again on my extended stay to Post Falls Idaho

    Troy Rosenstiel Avatar Troy Rosenstiel

    I brought my clothes that had been sitting in storage for two years. I had what I thought was a lot, but they said that they have commercial customers that bring in 700lbs of clothes. They were very thorough and sanitized all my items. The pricing was great as it saved me hours of doing laundry. I am disabled and plan on bringing my laundry to them on a regular basis. The place is well kept . I can't comment on self wash services as I haven't used that service.

    Tiia Maide Avatar Tiia Maide
  • Love the choice of machine sizes, I own a Costume Rental shop and have been here more than once. I will continue to support this business.

    Margaret Warwick Avatar Margaret Warwick


    Robyn Trice (Shay Bo Nay) Avatar Robyn Trice (Shay Bo Nay)

    Best and only car wash and laundry mat from the silver valley to Spokane valley! Always have my business and praise!


    Love this place nice and clean staff very friendly and helpful

    Steven Schafer (Insainchef67) Avatar Steven Schafer (Insainchef67)

Contact Us

Contact info

Address: 1475 University Ave W, St Paul, MN
Phone: 651-917-9274


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    A. Attendants do not have access to cash but can restart a machine with their access card. 

    A. When you swipe your card it will be preauthorized in the amount of $20. Similar to using your card at a gas station pump, this is how the credit card processing system validates that your card works. Your bank/credit card company will do an “Authorization Hold” for the $20 and then will reconcile the payment with our processing system. Only the actual amount you spent at The Laundry Place will appear on your credit card bill. With a debit card, the $20.00 amount will have a “hold” status on it until your transactions have been reconciled between our payment system and your bank (typically within 24 hours, but may take longer).

    A. The most important thing to remember is that payment is the last step! First, empty all clothing pockets and load the washer. Close and lock the door. Add powder or liquids (use HALF the usual amount in our washers, they are very efficient and will save you money on soap/detergent!). Turn the knob to select a wash cycle and select additional wash and/or rinse options. Insert coins or swipe credit/debit/loyalty card, push knob to start washer. You can view a detailed instruction sheet by clicking here. 

    A. Please see one of our attendants. If an attendant is not available please use the contact us section of our website. Please note: refunds will not be issued for user error (overloaded machine, too much soap, wrong cycle selected, etc).

    A. The last wash is at 8:30 PM every day. The Laundry Place closes at 10:00 PM, so we want to make sure you have enough time to run your wash load (approximately 30 minutes), transfer your items to a dryer (drying cycle is also approximately 30 minutes), and have enough time to fold your items and load them into your vehicle. Allowing for the machines to run both the wash and drying cycles, you should have enough time (25 to 30 minutes) to accomplish this!

    A. While you are certainly welcome to leave your clothes unattended, we do not recommend it. Although our attendants do try to keep an eye on things The Laundry Place is not responsible for unattended items.