Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I had a problem with a machine... What do I do?

A. Please see one of our attendants. If an attendant is not available please fill out a multi-part "Machine Issue" form and drop it in the silver box at the attendant station. We will review the form and will mail a refund check if a machine malfunctions. Please note: no refunds will not be issued for user error (overloaded machine, too much soap, wrong cycle selected, etc).

Q. Can I get a cash refund?

A. Attendants do not have access to cash but can restart a machine with their access card. If you require a cash refund, please fill out a yellow "out of order" form and drop it in the silver box at the attendant station.

Q. What time is the last wash?

A. The last wash is at 8:30 PM every day. The Laundry Place closes at 10:00 PM, so we want to make sure you have enough time to run your wash load (approximatley 30 minutes), transfer your items to a dryer (drying cycle is also approximately 30 mintutes), and have enough time to fold your items and load them into your vehicle. Allowing for the machines to run both the wash and drying cycles, you should have enough time (25 to 30 minutes) to accomplish this!

Q. What credit cards do your machines accept?

A. As of November, 2019 our machines no longer accept credit cards due to a high rate of fraudulant card use. Please visit our ATM on the Pascal (East) side of the building.

Q. How do I operate the washing machines?

A. The most important thing to remember is that payment is the last step! First, empty all clothing pockets and load washer. Close and lock the door. Add powder or liquids (use HALF the usual amount in our washers, they are very efficient!). Turn the knob to select wash cycle and push butttons tor additional wash and/or rinse options. Insert coins, push knob to start washer. You can view a detailed instruction sheet by clicking here.

Q. While my clothes are in the washer and dryer, can I leave to run errands or a bite to eat?

A. While you are certainly welcome to leave your clothes unattended, we do not recommend it. Although our attendants do try to keep an eye on things The Laundry Place is not responsible for unattended items.

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The Laundry Place is a laundromat in St. Paul Minnesota. Located in the Midway neighborhood on University Ave, east of Snelling and west of Lexington we offer self serve laundry services, also known as a coin laundry or laundrette. The Laundry Place has state of the art Electrolux machines from small washers and dryers to super size washing machines and tumble dryers ideal for your comforters, sleeping bag, and other large laundry items. Directly on the bus line and offering covered off-street parking, we are the most convenient laundry destination for customers in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Roseville MN, Shoreview MN, South Saint Paul